• Entasi

    Entasi displays are guaranteed to help your company stand out in the crowd. The unique shapes make them a favorite among exhibitors who are looking to make a big impact. The display frame is made from lightweight aluminum tubing. The entire display can be set up in a matter of minutes.


  • Tabletop Display

    The Topper Tabletop Display is an affordable, premium hi-tech tabletop display. The clean, simple and beautiful design will auspiciously spotlight your company’s products and services.

    Tabletop Display

  • Alumalite Wave

    Alumalite is the portable modular display system that raises your brandimage while lowering your shipping and install/dismantle costs.The display is lightweight, stable and provides a maximum visual impact.

    Alumalite Wave

  • Entasi

    For 10 ft and 20 ft Inline booths, Entasi is a one-of-a-kind fabric trade show booth solution combining the benefits of tension fabric with easy-to-use accessories for a stylish portable display. Entasi is quick and easy to set up and can ship FedEx or UPS.


  • The Presenter

    This configuration is the perfect backdrop for someone giving a presentation to an audience. This event display includes two banner stands and a pop-up mural nine feet wide and almost eight feet tall. The presentation podium has a place to hold water or presentation materials out of sight from the audience. All of these displays can be used together or individually for other events or occasions.

    The Presenter

  • The Promo

    Do you have a product to launch, display or promote? Easily display your product for your target audience. Use the showcase in the large back drop/pop-up or on the podium/counter. This solution is perfect for smaller products. The large image wall comes in many different combinations and several showcases can be added. The podium is easily transformed into a transport case with wheels.

    The Promo

  • The Impact

    This kit enables you to set up an entire display in just a few minutes. This configuration is perfect for occasions when you need to make a maximum impact in the marketplace.The podium/counter is also your transport case on wheels. The two roll-ups need 30 second each and the large back drop is set up in a minute. Pack your brochures in the brochure stand prior to your event and simply set it up on location.

    The Impact

  • The Dynamic

    Do you need to change your message often or vary between different messages? All of the products in this kit have a simple graphic exchange. Alter all of your images on location in a matter of minutes. This kit is designed for occasions when you need to be able to alter your message easily. Use the same display products for different occasions and locations, but with different graphics, now you can easily do that.

    The Dynamic

  • The DoubleDesk

    Instead of a custom built exhibit, this is a great alternative that can be used over and over again. It is very cost-effective as you can use the entire combination for your large exhibition or separately for smaller events. This combination is very versatile as you can use one, several or all of the display components depending on your occasion and location.

    The DoubleDesk

  • Alumalite Straight

    The Alumalite Straight Display is a hybrid system designed to have the full impact of a custom display. The structure is made from lightweight and durable aluminum extrusions. The wing panels and header panel are made from lightweight, frosted plexi. Alumalite can be configured with monitor mounts, counter systems, shelves, and lights.

    Alumalite Straight

  • Premium Straight Popup

    The10-ft Premium Straight Popup frame is portability at its best. Made of strong lightweight, drawn aluminum, the entire display is shipped and stored in two compact, easy to handle, portable rigid cases.

    Premium Straight Popup

  • Alumalite Arch Hybrid

    The Alumalite Arch Hybrid displays blend the look of modular displays with the portability of pop-up displays. This hybrid concept provides a lightweight, high-tech look that really makes an impact.

    Alumalite Arch Hybrid

  • Omicron Orbital Display

    The Omicron Orbital Express Truss Display kit is completely modular, allowing you to reconfigure it over and over in combinations that adapt to your trade show\'s changing needs. No bolts, no screws, no tools! Specially designed "Twist\'n\'Lock" connectors and color-coded instructions, make assembly quick and easy.

    Omicron Orbital Display

  • iPad Counter

    If the portable high-end electronics in your exhibit tend to grow feet and walk away, then the iPad Counter from Brandstand is for you. The lectern-sized structure, made of aluminum support poles wrapped in dye-sublimated fabric, neatly houses your iPad in a black-laminate countertop cutout. Measuring 39 inches tall, the lectern keeps your iPad safe yet accessible for presentations, product demos, and other show activities.

    iPad Counter

  • Solar

    The new Solar Exhibit System by Abex eclipses other comparable modular exhibit systems. There is not one ounce of excess. Solar components combine superior fit and finish with maximum durability and the least possible weight.


  • Kore

    Kore combines aluminum extrusions, laminate panels and fabric to create exhibits that explode with visual impact on the show floor and offers a degree of versatility and mobility never seen before in a modular system.


  • Event Kit

    This combo is perfect for your outdoor event. The large flag is 18\' tall and the smaller one 10\' tall. The roll-up is double-sided to make your message visible in two directions. The Expand DisplayTunnel offers a unique shape and is super quick to set up as it practically unfolds itself. All our outdoor products are especially designed and carefully tested to handle wear and tear by weather and wind.

    Event Kit

  • Serpentine

    The new Magnetix pop-up display, is a complete reimagining of the traditional pop-up display, designed to take advantage of new technologies, practices and materials, to help minimize environmental impact while maximizing value. The aluminum frame is made of up to 70% recycled aluminum and features simplified components for more efficient production and quicker assembly.


  • OneFabric

    Made from a single piece of fabric! The OneFabric attention grabbing message delivery system offers the convenience of a banner stand with the visual impact of a pop-up display wall. It is available in a curve or straight configuration. The entire display collapses into durable molded bag for convenient storage and mobility.


  • MultiMedia

    Add digital signage to your printed marketing message with this kit. This kit offers a combination of both a classic printed marketing message and digital signage to show movies, presentations and images. This is perfect for your trade show as well as for other occasions when you need multimedia for information, promotion and advertising. A brochure stand holds your hand-outs, and product leaflets.


  • Altitude

    For events where you want to make a great impact and need to make your message visible from a distance. The back drop and the flags are 10\' tall. This display kit includes two FlagStand 1’s that are 10\' tall. The back drop is created with 3 retractable displays that are connected at the top with magnets to create one large image. All of these displays can be used individually for other events or occasions.


  • WaveLine B

    The WaveLine B Series display package has a vertical curve structure that is unique and innovative. The most exciting part of this new display system is the ability to support a monitor. The kit includes the frame, full color dye sub graphic, display shelves, and a shipping case.

    WaveLine B

  • Display Tunnel

    For 10 ft and 20 ft Inline booths, Entasi is a one-of-a-kind fabric trade show booth solution combining the benefits of tension fabric with easy-to-use accessories for a stylish portable display. Entasi is quick and easy to set up and can ship FedEx or UPS.

    Display Tunnel