EZ Engage

The EZ Interactive Wall from Moss is an interactive display combining an EZ Fabric Wall with reactive sensors, allowing users to drive content on the integrated LCD monitor. The monitor, sensors, and computer are completely contained within the 3.5” thick wall, making it one of the most compact, interactive displays available. Moss EZ Interactive is a new way to highlight products and services to attract and keep customers in your trade show booth.

EZ Engage

EZ Engage Close-Up

EZ Engage Wall

2EZ Empowerstation

Each EZ Engage wall includes eight LED-lit proximity sensors so users can select from eight media files that are preloaded into the system. When users wave a hand in front of the sensors to select the media they want to see, LED-lit sensors light up briefly behind the fabric, clearly indicating what media was selected. EZ Engage can perform many functions at a trade show – provide product information, play product demonstration videos, or for larger booths, show product demonstration locations or booth personnel locations.

EZ Engage is a full 39” wide x 93” high Wall from Moss’ EZ Fabric Wall System with a monitor and an electronics package including eight sensors and a computer. The monitor, sensors, and computer are completely contained within an 3.5” wall, making EZ Engage one of the most compact and versatile displays available. EZ Engage will be available for purchase or rent.